401k Plans

We work with many of the top qualified plan practitioners in the industry to deliver the type of plan and services that your company and your employees need and deserve.  We like to think that our emphasis on on-going customer service sets us apart from our competitors.  We typically will meet quarterly with the plan sponsor team to address plan performance, compliance topics and address any questions or concerns. 

In today's highly regulated and litigious environment, we often will recommend including the services of an ERISA 3(38) investment manager to assure regulatory compliance in the area of investment selection and benchmarking.  An ERISA 3(38) is responsible for:

  • Managing the plan's assets
  • Assumes, in writing, the responsibility of selecting, monitoring, and replacing investments from the plan sponsor.
  • The plan sponsor is only responsible for choosing and monitoring the 3(38) manager.

Having a 3(38) on-board in your plan can greatly reduce the fiduciary liability that the sponsors of the plan are exposed to.  This liability can, in many cases, extend to the personal assets of the plan sponsor.  Most sponsors lack the time, experience and knowledge to perform this role themselves consistently with the care and diligence of a "prudent expert" that the US Dept of Labor requires.

If you are in a position to influence the plan at your company, contact us for a no-cost diagnostic report on your existing plan.

Some links/documents for additional information:

If you have a 401k plan that you'd like us to review, we offer a plan diagnostic review at no cost.  We will benchmark your plan's level of participation, fees, returns, and compliance indicators against your industry peers.  Here is an example of the report that's generated from our analysis: Sample 401k diagnostic report